The Secrets of young, smooth & beautiful skin of Korean Women

Korean women are known for their smooth, creamy white skin, no pimples and extremely bright. What makes them so perfect? If you are login & you’re reading this post; and here’s free gift for you “Reveal beauty secret for Korean women’s skin ” in this post.


Most of Korean Women always take care their skin daily. They always have strict schedule about beauty care. Having a good balanced food to keep shape. It’s hard to find overweighted Korean Women. Anyway, we just explore about their skin beauty. How do they have perfect skin? Those are:

Korean Women always pay attention to skin care

From a young age, girls are aware of the importance of skin care. Korean women invest a lot of time to take care of their skin in many ways.

Make Clean the skin at least twice

Korean women usually apply 2 steps to cleanse the skin. The first is to remove makeup and lubricant with a detergent liquid . Then use oil to clean bacteria, dust, and other impurities in the skin. After cleansing, wash your face with pure & warm water.

The second step is to use a mild foaming scream, apply on the face, use fingers  to massage in circular motions . Finally, wash your face with clean water.

Cleanse the skin twice a day help to absorb the nutrients from the skin lotion better

Remove dead cells

Skin cleansing and removes dirt, bacteria on the skin surface and observe it smooth & youthful. However, do not scrub daily for the entire face. You should only focus on the nose area – where there are many blackheads.


Koreans use a gentle moisturizer to soften the skin. They apply a little moisturizer on the face, massage in circular motions to promote blood circulation and help the skin absorb cream better, not to grumble.

Apply a natural face mask

Korean women love to beautify in natural way. They like masks made from natural materials such as green tea, fermented powder, snail essence … They use facial mask twice a week, then massage the face to enhance blood circulation.


Apply Sunscreen

Most Korean women do not walk out of the house without sunscreen, even on cold days. Sunscreen not only helps prevent skin cancer but also prevents skin aging, wrinkles.

Koreans also avoid the sunlight, especially strong sunlight. They wear a hat, use long cloth to cover the sun. Many people like to stay indoors, pull the curtain, turn on the lights during the day to avoid sunlight.

Eat suitable foods

Koreans women understand the phrase “You are what you eat”. Korean diet is very diversified and nutritious. The famous Kimchi -a type of fermented cabbage – contains a lot of vitamin C and beta-carotene to help strengthen the skin.

They are also fond of Makgeolli, a fermented wine that is rich in minerals and amino acids, which helps to brighten the skin and increase its elasticity. Besides, they totally avoid smoking, ancohol, and maintain a good balance of sleep