How to get youthful eyes?

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Some signs of Aging,  wrinkles around the eyes  are the most noticeable signs and also “horrible”. These wrinkles are formed from many causes: Aging, Stress, unbalanced nutrition, hormonal changes and especially lack of sleep. Eye skin is usually dry, always in the state of dehydration, the aging process occurs almost the fastest on the body, deep groove wrinkles appear early and difficult to recover.

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To help you overcome this problem, there are also tips that you need to apply regularly. Normally, from the age of 20, you should start some Methods for the prevention of aging, especially wrinkles in the eye. It is never too late to treat from when you’re still young, but you should start as soon as possible.


Moisturizing Eye Skin

If your eye skin lacks of moisture , it would dry out and further highlight the wrinkles. To restore moisture, you should use some special moisturizing regimens for sensitive areas around the eyes, such as tea bags, cucumbers or pure milk.

You just pick up the filter bag of green tea or chrysanthemum tea and drop into boiling water within 3 minutes for tea to soak. Then cool the filter bag, put it in the fridge. When you apply two bags of filtered chilled to the eyes, relax for 15 minutes and rinse. Can be changed by soaking cotton in cold milk, then squeeze lightly, then put on two eyelids or sliced cucumber , keep cold and put on the eyebrows in 10 minutes each day.


When using SPF sunscreen / lotion, do not forget to take care the skin around the eyes because this area is very sensitive to sunlight. This is a skin area with less collagen and elastin, so when exposed to the sun they are the first to be wrinkled. Always use SPF eye cream / sunscreen when you go out or take a sunbath.

Sun Glasses

When do you squint your eye when see the sunlight. The movement of muscles around the eyes can lead to the formation of crow’s feet. Always bring a pair of sunglasses with you to keep the area around your eyes from being wrinkled by mechanical reasons.

Facial massage

A good massage not only makes your face more prominent, but also causes the facial muscles to relax and stimulate the veins that make the blood circulation improves. You will feel relaxed and calm after the face is properly massage. And then you can have the ability to push the wrinkles away.

First close your eyes, with three fingers placed between the eyes, spinning gently. Close your eyes,  use your other fingers gently around your eyes. Open your eyes, then use the index finger and middle finger gently put on the eyes, slowly pulling to the sides of the your eyes.

Balance your living

The first thing you need to remember is to drink enough water, get enough sleep. In addition, choose soft blanket, pillow to have good sleep.

Stay away from stimulants or limit exposure to computer exposure. If you have to work with a computer or a computer, reduce the brightness of your computer.

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