How to look Younger than your age? Beauty and Health

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What’s your Concern about ?​


Many of people consider Spring is the best time in year . The same when we see Youth is the most wonderful time in Human life. Youth start from teenage to the middle age. That’s the time people feel best & all facilities, organs in the body perform well; your eyes are good & pure to view everything clearly & lively in this period.

Full Guide to help you to keep Young & Beauty

People feel the life is meaningful in thoughout Youth Time . However time has been passing each day and then we gradually get old. When the aging process has come, people start to worry about this. The question that million of people ask is “How to stay young or look younger than your age?”

For a long time, researchers have been looking for solutions to keep people young forever. But what we can talk you today is that even you are a billionaire or a normal person, the process of aging in each of us can not be prevented. However, we still have best solution to make this process slow down. And you can find surprisingly result if you ready to change & willing to learn & practice what we suggest you.

People often worry about aging process; especially women, they tend to worry a lot about their beauty as long with their ages. Today, there’re so many cosmetic surgery that allow people to get “the shape” they want. However, there’re also plenty of risk for those. Or for someone think that just go to the gym to take training, but it’s easy for them to quit after few weeks later as they don’t change from inside their body first. And what we recommend you in this post is “how to be young and real beauty from inside your body?”, and then gradually change the beauty from appearance. That’s the beauty & youth we need. And when you have it which means you have all: health, beauty, happiness to enjoy this life in right way.

This article does not direct you to the illusion of youth forever; However, we will help you to change your life today from the simplest thing that you can do it, accompanied by diet, exercise, changing your habits, balance in eating, exercising and resting, changing our habits, and , some  anti-aging products as well.

First you need to understand your body. The human body is made up of 75% of water. And in each second & hours, There’re millions of cells borned and die away . If we want to keep young, we must keep your cell in body young, happy and new.

Living environtment also effect to your Beauty, Youth & Health. You should have the harmony in your home you live with nature trees, lakes, green lawn, clean and beautiful.

Anti-Aging from inside your Body

  1. Make your Intestinal System clean

In fact, the adult intestinal system is 8 -> 12 meters long, and over the years it needs to be cleaned. It is difficult to clean it because the acid residues of the stomach are attached to the intestinal wall. If intestinal system  is not clean , it affects the absorption capacity of the stomach. Then you can feel that even you eat a lot, the intestines are still not absorbed nutrients. When intestinal system is good, just a small volume of food could support all the energy for your body. And this make sure there’re no leftover food in intestinal system . Left foods in the intestinal system which are not excreted are very likely to produce various toxins.  It’s the source of so many diseases that are dangerous for your body.

We suggest you some type of tea for making clean your intestine system, remove toxins from inside your body. And so many types of  detox tea you can use

Now when your intestinal system is clean, it’s good to absorb nutrients from the food you eat. And you don’t need to eat so much to get enough energy for your body. It’s great, isn’t it?

2. Your Breast

Beautiful breasts will gradually be aging & less attractive after age 25 or 28, 30, 32 (depend of each woman) .

Therefore, choosing the right bra  and light massage throughout the breasts before sleep will help slow down the aging process. We will have a guide post to help you to maintain breast beauty soon

3. Ovary

Researchers’ve proved that the women ovaries are the only hormone that maitain estrogen and progesterone. The levels of estrogen and progesterone will determine the level of aging of women.

The simplest way to keep the hormone stable is to eat plenty of soy or soy relating products like milk.

Other Avices from us to help you keep Young & Beauty

Take a Sauna Stream Bath

Sauna Stream Bath would make your meridians perform well, enhancing exchange between oxygen and blood. Help you to relax, improves the secretion of sweat glands in your body. Just search the address of Sauna Stream Bath in your location


Use Oil Diffuser to clear all old & bad air in your room, your office. This make your space new with blissful mind. You can choose any cinnamon, lavender essential oil or any thing you like. 

Let’s check your house, and the place you live. Make sure the air is fresh, secure and peaceful. The best place to live is a scenic areas where you can view the lake, tree, enjoy the warm light in every morning. If you have money, just think about the place you like and move there. You can hire the apartment at the place you love


What’s type of food to eat?

The fact what you eat has formed your shape. Therefore, we suggest you the best type of food to eat to have Youth & Health. The best advice for you is that you should eat naturally colorful food as these type of food is plentiful vitamins and this helps your body against in anti-aging process.

food for youth & health
Suggesting Foods help to maintain Youth & Beauty agains Aging Process

I recommend you some type of beans, grapes, oranges, cherry and nuts or grains… and you should eat some type of fishes like salmon… Some fishes offer you plenty of Omega that help you to maintain Youth. I also give you advice about choosing Organic Food, it’s very good for your health. Some plants, meat are from organic sources surely better than normal. So many people love cow milk, but in my opinion cow milk can not make you wise; you can choose Soy milk instead. Soy milk supply you plenty of protein. You can eat beef, eggs, chicken. The fact the product from 2 -leg animals are better for you.

For men, I highly recommend you some type of nuts / grains to add more manly appearance. And women are suitable with juice.

The habit of going to bed before 11 o’clock and getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning!

Sleeping before 11pm will allow internal organs such as liver, and kidneys to work. This is necessary for the process of metabolism and re-incarnation to take place. So why should you wake up at 5am? In fact, it is the right time for the body’s excretion to be excreted through the urinary tract. If you wake up late (after 7 am), the toxins can be absorbed back into the body. It will be very bad for your body.

When you wake up, prepare a large glass of water, add some warm water to good for organs in  the body, will be extremely good for human organs. Do not drink cold water in the morning. After you drink all the water, about 1 hour after the body is detoxified through the urination, and so your body is completely clean after a long night of sleep. And your body’s ready for food of breakfast.

Now your body is good & pure from inside. If you’d like to maintain Youth against anti-aging process, keep your Beauty forever; you should take care full parts of inside & outside your body.

Why you should control body weight?

There’re some researches about the the connection between over-weight and aging.

Researchers say that fast foods and ready-to-eat food such as fried chicken and cakes are often high in hormones such as hormones. If you eat too much, you will be overweight, obese, aging, and make you fast aging.

Fat people abuse a lot with Coffee, sweet drinks, alcohol, beer , it will make the expression of old age appear prominently on their faces as tired, less fresh.

Let’s think about the gym; gym exercises would keep your body fit, make your muscles strong, help to keep fit, produce hormone to keep your mind excited.

 This post also recommend you Top Best Anti-aging Products, update latest

Anti – Aging technology in beauty care 

And all of these products would help you to maintain Youth & Beauty. Hope you can find suitable product for yourself.



On the other hand, so what you you should avoid?

Sure you should avoid rancid food, frozen food…or so many high cholesterol foods like hamburgers or fast food in general. And gas drinks preserved drinks…you should avoid them. You also use less grilled food as it’s easy to have smoke taste which it’s not good for the purity of body.

Avoid stress factors

Stress is one of main factors that affect your daily life & your beauty as well as youth. The question is how to avoid stress factors? Stress is a part of life, by balance your job you can control it. Don’t work in high pressure. Some women choose to wear pearl to bring peace to their life. Now if you get stress, just make your mind better by listening the song you like, take a bath, or come to the place you love to come…

What food & drink you should avoid eating?

Wow, there’re so many things you should avoid to make your body younger & healthy. For some people, it’s hard to change the eating habit, and some favourite food. But changing sometimes is good for you. Just do it!

Avoid Alcohol



Alcohol destroys your nerve brain. For some people drinks in many years, their brain has been hurt, it’s hard for them to think deeply.  Alcohol causes diuretic, thus making the body, as well as dry skin. This has immediate and lasting effects on skin and hair. Dehydration causes dry skin and fine hair fiber break, while drinking too much alcohol depletes the iron in the body, causing your skin blue, lack of vitality, hair break more easily.



Smoking makes you get old faster, According to Dr Lowell C. Dale, smoking is the cause of wrinkles on the skin, making you faster and older. So, if you need more reasons to quit smoking, add this to the list.

Stand up & Travel

For so many people, travel bring them benefits. Travel is the best way to change their mood, taste new air for the loving destination is best way to enjoy this life

And the last we would like to talk to you is that, God bless us Youth & Beauty, just keep it. And dept of our heart, we congratulate you for Beauty, Health & Youth like Greek Goddess Hebe.


Thanks you for reading!